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Sivanta – The Way Of Elevating The Lifestyle

  • Bakeri Group

The urban middle class is the backbone of India’s service economy. They are the dreamers who work with sincerity and conviction to secure the future of their family as well as the nation. And they all have that one recurring dream, the dream of owning a home and elevating the lifestyle of their family. However, Continue Reading

A Day At Bakeri City

  • Bakeri Group

Unlike any other day, I thought, today would mostly be the same – running around looking for a suitable place to live, without finding the one that is just right. I could not believe my luck when a friend of mine told me he has found the perfect place. While looking for a place to Continue Reading

The first day at school

  • Bakeri Group

Where is my lunch box? Am I looking okay mom? Can you drop me to the bus-stop otherwise, I will get late? Will my classmates like me? It’s that time of the year when you wake up in sweat, dazed from a dream where your alarm clock doesn’t work and you are late. You know Continue Reading

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