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A Day At Bakeri City

  • Bakeri Group

Unlike any other day, I thought, today would mostly be the same – running around looking for a suitable place to live, without finding the one that is just right. I could not believe my luck when a friend of mine told me he has found the perfect place. While looking for a place to Continue Reading

The first day at school

  • Bakeri Group

Where is my lunch box? Am I looking okay mom? Can you drop me to the bus-stop otherwise, I will get late? Will my classmates like me? It’s that time of the year when you wake up in sweat, dazed from a dream where your alarm clock doesn’t work and you are late. You know Continue Reading

Commercial Spaces in Sakar for Co-Working

  • Bakeri Group

Culture of co-working space is thriving tremendously with the start-up mania in India. Ditching the traditional cubicles, to foster small businesses and freelancing work, young entrepreneurs are more inclined towards co-working spaces in the last few years. A co-working space is a commercial space where people are working for different ventures, organizations and companies independently. Continue Reading

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