One more week is over, another weekend has gone by and yet another weekend is ruined by the lack of a concrete plan. But honestly, it’s not your fault when you are still reeling from the lethargy that comes with scorching afternoons and sultry evenings. This is precisely where a weekend home comes to your rescue. No bothersome brainstorming or painstaking planning, just a ceaseless unadulterated fun.

What is a weekend home?

Now that, is a fair question. Although from it’s name a lot of you might’ve guessed it already. It is a place that you buy or spend your vacation in a lavish and leisurely manner. A good weekend home, comes with the usual fanfare of beautiful location, quality and aesthetic designs with many amenities. However, a great weekend home has that little extra for everyone because in this summer heat you don’t just want to relax, you want to chill.

Incase if you’re wondering, here are a few amenities that a great weekend home must have-

A Lavish Swimming Pool

What is a good summer weekend without an invigorating dip in a lavish swimming pool? This is a must have to make your weekends special.


Fitness is always a priority and if you also think the same way, a gym is an essential amenity to have.

Luxurious Suites

A design that pleases the senses and a comfort that rejuvenates your soul is the kind of living suite you should be looking for.

Lush Surroundings & Scenic Sit Outs

Where is the beauty in vacation if you’re not surrounded by nature and a lush landscape? Prefer a place that offers you scenic beauty of nature and sit outs to enjoy it too.

Savory Cuisine

How to make a great weekend even better? With a delicious meal at a multicuisine restaurant in your weekend home. Go and treat your taste buds.

Dedicated Kids Area

What will make your weekend more leisurely? A dedicated place for your kids, to frolic around and play in a safe and secure environment while you take rest.

Indoor & Outdoor Games

Some kind of invigorating mental and physical activity is essential to have fun. And what better than having an indoor games arena as well as an outdoor court.

Lounge and Miniplex

To have a celebratory bash you’ve been planning with your family or friends, it is helpful if the place has a lounge or a miniplex.

You are in luck, because you will find all the above features in the Weekend Homes by Ahmedabad’s trusted real estate developer Bakeri Group. Offering you plenty of choices that go by the name of Serenity Proximus, Serenity Meadows and Serenity Pastures, these are amongst the most preferred weekend homes in and around Ahmedabad. Situated in beautiful locales close to the city, they offer a range of amenities to make your weekend more enjoyable and worth remembering. This summer don’t bother making plans because Bakeri Group has made one for you. Just go there and have a great weekend.