Summer is just around the corner and it is signaling the start of the much awaited vacationing season. As such vacations will be on everyone’s mind right now. We all dream of extended vacations spent in beautiful locations with the people that we love while simultaneously being wrapped in luxury and tranquility. Our hectic lives sometimes beg us to remove ourselves from the daily hustle-bustle of the city environment to find peace and tranquility. It is during these moments that we wish that we had a home away from home, a place where we could feel comfortable and relaxed that, somehow isn’t possible when we live in hotels. There is something rather impersonal about hotels that makes us feel a little bit off.

That’s where Holiday Homes come in. No longer an isolated phenomenon among the extravagantly affluent, Holiday Homes have seen a rise in popularity among many upper-middle-class families. Holiday Homes offer the perfect solution to your vacation woes, as they are the perfect mix of convenience, good investment, savings and most important of all comfort. With a holiday home, you can enjoy a vacation at your favorite place every week or every month and you can relax without having to worry about constantly packing and moving stuff for your vacations. Location plays an important role when considering to buy a holiday home. After all, you will be spending most of your vacations at the same place, so it is essential that you really like the place where your holiday home will be located. The place should also be isolated from the hustle-bustle of the city life so that you can enjoy some much-needed peace and tranquility, but it shouldn’t be so far out that you have trouble acquiring basic necessities and services. A good rule of thumb is to opt for a home which is not too far away from highways.

While you will definitely enjoy your holiday home whenever you are there, you should also think about the surrounding locality to ensure that your house and your belongings will be safe and secure when you are not there, since the house will remain unoccupied for many months of the years. Other important factors to consider are the basic amenities like electric and water supply and also other amenities for entertainment like playgrounds, sports infrastructure, and swimming pools so that you can have a great time with your loved ones.

A holiday home should above everything be your convenient escape when you feel like you need a change from our daily life. Thus, it should be a property that provides you the luxuries and ambience that your first home in the city cannot. Holiday Homes also serve as a great place to entertain friends and guests who’ll surely enjoy the serene surroundings and the amenities of the property. However, those looking at just the investment aspect of owning another property should also take profound interest in holiday homes as they serve the dual purpose of value investment and a convenient holiday destination just a few hours drive away from your home. After all, the luxurious amenities and facilities provided by Holiday Homes help greatly in bringing good returns on your investments.

Located at just the perfect distance from Ahmedabad City, Bakeri Group’s exemplary range of Holiday Homes are perfect for individuals looking to get that much-needed respite from the routine of daily life, yet don’t want to spend most of the time driving to reach their holiday homes. 3 different projects spread across the city of Ahmedabad – Serenity Pastures, Serenity Proximus and Serenity Meadows provide the perfect getaway from the city life and into the lap of nature. The clean environment of the projects welcome you with crisp and fresh air as you step into the lush green grounds. With amenities that make you feel like royalty, the weekend homes developed by Bakeri provide luxury in the lap of nature so that you can de-stress all you want while you are surrounded by your family and friends. Take a dip in the swimming pool or grab a book in the library and once you get bored of that, head to the Cafe with indoor and outdoor sitting to enjoy a nice meal with your family. Whether it’s hosting parties for friends and colleagues or a dinner for your parents and siblings, the charm of the serene and beautiful development will never fail to impress. Relax, unwind, destress, celebrate, play, watch or just sit around doing nothing, everything is possible at Bakeri Holiday Homes. If you can see yourself doing all of these things in your next vacation while enjoying the comfort of your own home, it’s a good idea to visit Bakeri Group Holiday Homes at Serenity Pastures, Serenity Meadows, and Serenity Proximus.