Serendeep Mansions – Where Luxury meets Serenity

  • Bakeri Group

Have you ever dreamt of living in a perfect home? A luxurious abode sprawled with top-notch amenities where you could hear the sweet voices of birds chirping, the joy of waking up to a beautiful view amidst serene greens and play peacefully with your children in a backyard far away from the noises of the Continue Reading

Ashram Road – The Tale Of Development

  • Bakeri Group

Deriving its name from Sabarmati Ashram i.e. Mahatma Gandhi’s habitat in Ahmedabad, Ashram Road is the major financial hub. It is a prime commercial area with reputed corporate offices gracing the avenue.   The glorious history of Ashram Road Ashram Road has witnessed some of the major foundations during the freedom movement of India. Since Continue Reading

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