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Chilled Out Weekends In A Sizzling Summer Week

  • Bakeri Group

One more week is over, another weekend has gone by and yet another weekend is ruined by the lack of a concrete plan. But honestly, it’s not your fault when you are still reeling from the lethargy that comes with scorching afternoons and sultry evenings. This is precisely where a weekend home comes to your Continue Reading

6 Ways to Celebrate Holi in an Eco-Friendly Way

  • Bakeri Group

Holi is the most colourful festival of India. It is the festival with a beautiful blend of vibrant colours and the great indulgence of celebrations that add life to the day of fiesta. This colourful festival of holi is to celebrate the victory of almighty over the demon and make us all realize the power Continue Reading

6 Blessings You’re Bestowed Upon When Environment Becomes Your Attitude

  • Bakeri Group

Bakeri Group supports the goodness of nature, believes in it & serves the customers according to the same belief. All the projects are Bakeri Group’s beliefs and give you the chance to explore the blessings bestowed by Nature. Witness the natural beauty at http://bakeri.com/inner/projects.html. Nature is such phenomenon that you can be around it, watch Continue Reading

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