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Is it raining indoors? Waterproof your home then!

  • Bakeri Group

SPLASH! “Oops” honey, we should have purchased a house with the waterproof ceiling! The smell of the first rain, the romantic feel associated with it, the chilly weather but also the humidity and inconvenience issues! Like it or not, you cannot ignore the monsoon season. From dampening furniture to leaving a foul smell, there are Continue Reading

4 Creative Hacks to Beat the Monsoon Blues

  • Bakeri Group

Monsoon – a season that swings our mood in totally two opposite directions – one when we feel we are in a romantic movie and too many happy thoughts linger in our mind and the other – when we feel we are so depressed and feel like shutting ourselves from the outer world. Monsoon has Continue Reading

5 Tips to Make Your Home Monsoon-Ready

  • Bakeri Group

Rains bring numerous reasons to indulge in nature’s offerings. Lazily watching the beautiful silver raindrops through your window has a warm rejuvenating effect on the soul.   However, your home can take a beating during this season. The dampness inside the home not only brings discomfort to you and your family; it can also spoil Continue Reading