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Chilled Out Weekends In A Sizzling Summer Week

  • Bakeri Group

One more week is over, another weekend has gone by and yet another weekend is ruined by the lack of a concrete plan. But honestly, it’s not your fault when you are still reeling from the lethargy that comes with scorching afternoons and sultry evenings. This is precisely where a weekend home comes to your Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why buying a Vacation Home is Beneficial

  • Bakeri Group

A break from your routine, from your work and from a monotonous life is always refreshing to make your normal life more interesting. And home is the best place to take a real break and relax. People these days prefer to stay away from their home so that they can celebrate their vacations with no Continue Reading

Breeze in the Serenity

  • Bakeri Group

Amidst the chaos of city, we are all searching for peace. We try to escape the din of noises to find peace of mind and listen to the chirping of birds. But how often do we get the chance to go far away from home and discover a calm, serene environment? With the temperature soaring Continue Reading